Here's the step-by-step process to regain your energy and vitality even if you feel like you've tried everything from sleep to supplements.

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The "I'm Tired" Elimination Guide is a step-by-step roadmap to

Discovering what it feels like to be energized all day long.
Finding out what foods that your body doesn't tolerate.
No longer starting every conversation with, "I'm so tired...
Feeling like you want to get out of bed and conquer the day.
Discovering what it feels like to be energized all day long and much, much more

Meet Kiran Grewal, MD

As a Functional Medicine physician, my philosophy is quite unique. I believe we all have the potential to heal from the inside out. However, our modern lives pose a threat to that natural healing capability. My practice style is focused on uncovering the root of your health issues, instead of just treating symptoms.
I am offering this free guide to change your life. If you follow this program, you will feel happier, lighter, and focused on life. Tiredness is a common symptom I manage in my clinical practice. It is so common that I decided to offer this simple solution for free so that anyone can use this at home on their own terms and regain their zest for life.


"I have worked with Dr Grewal for several months following a significant health diagnosis. We have peeled through several layers to address issues I’ve likely had for decades. She uses a comprehensive diagnostic process to uncover root cause, then creates a workable action plan to address issues. She provides practical solutions and support to help me achieve goals. She does this through a holistic approach emphasizing food, meditation, and movement rather than piles of pills. I highly recommend Dr Grewal."

C. Husa


"Having been under the care of Dr. Grewal for the past six months, I have noticed the greatest enhancement with my function, and health & wellness. Dr. Grewal took the time to determine the root cause of my dysfunction & imbalances, and most importaintly, she understood & explained what needed to be done to reclaim optimal health. Under her care, I have experienced tremendously positive, life-changing improvements!!! This is very unique in my experiences with Western physicians. Dr Grewal is extremely thoughtful, professional, and I am so happy I found her!!"

C. Kemp


"I had already eliminated so many foods in search of answers but was still getting migraines multiple times per week and dealing with daily digestive issues. With Dr. Grewal’s support including great eating plans and new supplement ideas, I was able to identify a number of additional migraine triggers and begin to heal my digestive system. This is the first time in my life that a doctor has listened and believed when I related my symptoms and what I had already discovered. While there is still work to be done, five months later I am 20 pounds lighter and I have significantly fewer headaches. I am so pleased that I can shift my focus from tracking daily symptoms to improving my health and fitness. I would highly recommend Dr. Grewal to anyone who is dealing with complicated issues – or if you have not had any success with traditional healthcare providers – she will find a connection and point you in the direction toward better health."

L. Ingall

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