3 Elements of a Well-Strategized Wellness Plan & Pledge


In this brand new series called Inspiration. Education. Meditation with Dr. Grewal, I want to share with you my pursuit: I want to inspire you to change your life, to inspire you to be more educated about your health, and to have an open conversation about what is really going on in your life and what is it that you can do to change your health.

A big part of who I am as a doctor and researcher is also the patient in me. I am curious about life, how science fits into who I am, and what I can do to change to become healthier. This mindfulness creates a practice style that allows me to connect to your needs on a deeper level to help you succeed in your wellness plans. This video dives into the three elements that are critical for strategizing a wellness plan. Below I've also included a pledge that I received from my mentor and teacher Robin Sharma.  I used this pledge to create this new series.  I hope to see you at my next online event. 


Today this very day, I begin my ascend to serve the world.  Yes, I said what I said, and I am willing to show this commitment from the highest of mountain tops or even from the richest of valleys. Today this very day, I am standing in the full blazing glory of the wide-open mindset.  Today this very day, I am soaking in the ferociously powerful compassion of my fearless heart set. Today this very day, I am tingling viscerally from the potency and vitality of a world-class health set. Today I understand at a deep spiritual level the call on my life to serve this world.

My past heartbreaks were in true treasures that have fortified me. My former sufferings in truth have strengthened me. My disappointments of the past in truth have been perfect preparation to deepen and raise me. Today this day, I now understand what the ego calls tragedy in truth have been a gorgeous training ground that has served to make me the titan of my industry and someone who will serve humanity. Because the universe does not make mistakes.

And so today this very day I embrace, and I own the opportunity and yes, the responsibility to construct a life that increases others and servers the world. Because I am a lion, not a sheep.  I am a possibilitarian, never a problem. I am an inspirationalist, not a victim, and a human being who models the best of mastery, bravery, prosperity, and humanity. I stay true to myself. I am that powerful because I am a titan. Oh yes, world I, am a titan. And from today, I work for the world.

To Your Health,

Kiran Grewal MD

"My goal is to share my knowledge with the world. I believe in delivering valuable and ethical content that changes the lives of my patients." -Kiran Grewal MD







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