4 Steps to Let Go of Your Limiting Beliefs

I am going to give you some life-changing, empowering tips that will help you tap into your body’s inner healing abilities. You have within you a key to improved health. And I want to share this with you today. 

As an Integrative doctor who considers the mind-body connection, this topic is one that sets me apart from most conventional doctors. Science tells us that your thoughts send neurotransmitters, or signals to hormonal pathways in your body which respond to the signaling thoughts. 

For example, let’s say you arrive late to work. As soon as you walk in, you see your boss waiting for you at your desk. Instinctual reactions to “fight-or-flight” kick in. Part of you thinks about turning around and fleeing the situation. The other part of you starts preparing for the confrontation. All the while, your brain is sending cortisol (a stress hormone) throughout your body: your heart is pumping faster, and you may even be sweating. This all happened because of stressful thoughts. 

Think about that. You fuel reactions in your body by your thoughts. 

So, what thoughts have you been putting into your body lately? 

When you are looking to improve your health, being aware that you may have some limiting beliefs and actively working to block them, is crucial. 

As I work with patients who have challenging (often undiagnosed) chronic diseases, I find that a major source of healing comes when they no longer hold themselves back from the healing process, by getting rid of limiting beliefs. They commit to every prescribed step in their Integrative Medicine plan and go forth, having conquered their limiting beliefs and found healing. 

What are limiting beliefs and how do they affect me? 

Limiting beliefs act as a preset filter to a perception of your abilities (internal and external). When you believe something to be true, they are like ‘internal commands’ to your brain embodying what you can do and cannot do. Disempowering beliefs constrain you from moving forward. 

Certain limiting beliefs may originate from what you hear-and keep hearing from others, ever since you were born. Your beliefs are formed by your environment, life experiences, knowledge, visualizations, etc. While you may feel that these beliefs are a fixture in your lifestyle and cannot change, this is not true! Your beliefs are your choice. You have the power to choose what you believe in and your beliefs become your reality. 

Your beliefs and emotions cause biochemical reactions in your entire brain and body. Stimulus from your environment go through a filtering process which travels through various synapses in your brain. This ultimately reaches a higher processing section of your brain such as your frontal lobes, where the information enters your conscious awareness. Now, what percentage of this sensory information enters is determined by your beliefs. 

The great news is that the receptors in your brain are flexible-they can alter in their sensitivity and formation. This means that even when you feel ‘emotionally’ stuck, there is ALWAYS a biochemical potential for you to change and grow. When you choose to change your thoughts (neurotransmitters) you become available to other aspects of sensory information that otherwise would be blocked by limiting beliefs! 

When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs. When you change your beliefs, you change your attitude and behavior about your capabilities. 

Healing from Limiting Beliefs 

As part of my patients’ path to healing, I help them discover when or why their limited beliefs started, using the health timeline. With their timeline, not only do I see when their health symptoms started, I also see the life experiences surrounding them. Considering their timeline, and how they talk about their limitations can help us figure out when the narrative of their limitations became their default in the face of hardship or change. 

I consider what experiences they had and currently have that cause them to perpetuate these beliefs. These realizations offer them the opportunity to alter or stop the limiting belief they have been holding onto. 

Here are some ways you can engage in healing your Mind, Body and Spirit from limiting beliefs

  1. Think about your inner dialogue. When do you hear yourself say things like, “I’m always...”, or “I can’t…”? These statements tend to be a part of the limiting belief dialogue. Be vigilant of when these words and thoughts arise and try to change what you say and redirect your thoughts to how you want to feel about it. 
  1. Instill self-compassion. Self-deprecation does not get you ahead. Beating yourself up for past mistakes in the present day can halt you from moving on from them. Instead, when you are trying to instill a positive change and an old belief set comes up based on prior experiences, try to pull some positive elements from it, until this active force of thought becomes habitual.

For example, maybe you have tried to eat clean but found yourself lured back to snacking on unhealthy foods. Okay, so you know you have this tendency, but the positive element is that you are aware of it! Instead of being discouraged and believing that you cannot change, use this self-knowledge to set yourself up for success. Try purposefully stocking your house with healthy food only, so if a craving comes, you encourage better behavior and help to heal your beliefs. 

  1. MeditateMeditate. And meditate some more. As discussed earlier, visualization is a part of what drives your beliefs. Many guided meditations offer visualization as a tool to see yourself in a way you want to be. This is a powerful tool, as meditation has been reported to strengthen the parts of your brain that maintain cognition and store memory. So, with visualization and meditation, you are actively creating a new set of self-belief. 
  1. What is your why? Welcoming a new set of beliefs and letting go of limiting ones strengthens your alignment with what matters most to you. You must be willing to let go of the baggage from the limiting beliefs that weigh you down. Utilize your understanding of how your beliefs directly govern your physical well-being, biological response, and behavior, to detach from limiting beliefs. 

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or become healthier, use encouraging inner dialogue that is focused on such positive outcomes that will bring you closer to your purpose.

Perhaps you fixate on past experiences that you have led you to believe you are a certain way and cannot change. This self-bias will limit your development towards your true purpose. Be aware of your negative self-talk and remove your fixation on it.

Create a positive dialogue and in time, you will discover how this new way of thinking taps into your body’s ability to transform and heal. 

To Your Health,

Kiran Grewal MD

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