Easy Tips to Make Your Home Happier and Healthier

Have you ever thought about how your home affects your health? Not just about the potential environmental toxins that may reside in the building materials, your cookware, aerosols, etc., but in the way your home makes you feel.

We all have places that we love going to for different reasons. Some places offer us a sense of well-being. Like the serenity we find at the beach. Or the mysterious and calming effect of hiking a path in the woods. Perhaps some of us enjoy the vibrant energy of bustling city streets. There are various sensations we get from places that contribute to how we feel. And how we feel, affects our health.

Research shows a link between an upbeat mental state and improved health, including lower blood pressure, reduced risk for heart disease, healthier weight, better blood sugar levels, and longer life.

So now, when looking around your home...how does it make you feel?

Each space of our homes presents opportunities for different behaviors, such as cooking in the kitchen and sleeping in the bedroom. We learn to act in specific ways in certain places of our homes. Therefore our actions in these places are conditioned by a number of factors, all of which may influence our behavior and our health.

If you surround yourself with clutter, research has shown that it can increase cognitive overload and can reduce your working memory. If you keep junk food handier than nutritious choices, you will probably eat that more, as studies about unconscious food choices and mindless eating has exposed how many of your decisions about what and how much to eat involve little rational thought.⁠

I encourage you to make your home a place you love being in. A place that feels uplifting and fosters your well-being.

This week, we teamed up with Dorena Kohrs, a certified practitioner of feng shui and space clearing, to get some tips to make your home a place that inspires health and happiness.

Here they are:

1. Allow your home to breath

Your home likely feels different than it did several weeks ago.

So much has changed. Routines. Plans. Expectations.

So much is up in the air.

Our homes absorb the anxiety of that change and uncertainty.

But here’s a super easy tip to shift the energy within your home.

Open your front door!

That’s it.

In feng shui, your front door (not your side door or back door or garage door) is the mouth of chi. It’s where the energy flows into your home.

So even if you don’t use your front door on a regular basis, open it every morning.

It’s where your home gets to take a deep breath. And don’t we all need that right now. 

2. Make your bed 

In the midst of a pandemic there’s a whole lot that we can’t control.

But here’s one thing you can.

Make your bed today.

It may seem insignificant. But I promise you it’s not.

It’s something you can control. It creates order. It’s a signal of a new day. And it just plain looks better! 

3. Shift from Fear to Love

In the face of fear, our natural tendency is to hold on. To tighten.

But as every good yogi, physical therapist and midwife will tell you, pain dissipates when we soften. When we let go and breathe.

So how do you let go in your home?


You get rid of the things you're holding onto out of fear, guilt and shame.

So you have room for the things that you love, cherish and bring you joy.

4. The Small Changes You Make Today, Will Make a Big Impact Tomorrow

One of the beautiful principles of feng shui is that our homes are a mirror of our lives. And when we shift the energy in one, we shift the energy in the other.

The problem is that we think it's complicated or time consuming or expensive to shift the energy in our homes.

The reality is....


So let's do it!

>> Declutter a kitchen drawer
>> Clean your windows
>> Shift some furniture around.

 5. There's a difference between feeling good and feeling familiar.

Which does your home feel...good or familiar?

Time to make a change?

 6. When we shift the energy in our homes, we shift the energy in our lives.

Here are 10 of my quick go to's for increasing the energy in your space.

1. Make your bed. Your momma was right. It will make a difference.
2. Buy flowers for your kitchen table.
3. Open the windows. Even if it's too cold or too hot. And even if it's only for 2 minutes.
4. Stop living in a cave and open the blinds!
5. Fold the load of wash sitting in your dryer.
6. Light a candle.
7. Diffuse essential oils.
8. Do the dishes in the sink.
9. Throw something out. Preferably that you don't love, use or need.
10. Close the toilet seat lid. Not only is this my biggest pet peeve...it's also bad feng shui! 

7. In feng shui, every area of your home is associated with an area of your life.

Which means...when you shift the energy in a particular area of your home, you shift the energy in a particular area of your life.

So let's look at the area of your home that's related to Relationships.


Because we're all hanging out with our partners and spouses a WHOLE lot more these days! And we tend to take our stress out on those closest to us.

So let's make sure the Relationship area of our homes is as stress free as possible.


When you're standing at your front door (looking inside), it's the area in the back right corner.


Get rid of anything in this area that you don't love, you don't need, you don't use.

Including things that are in disrepair or things that just plain irritate you! Because we don't want that in our relationships right now!

-Dorena Kohrs, a certified practitioner of feng shui and space clearing, is a modern day Sherlock Holmes. The mysteries she solves, however, are of the energetic kind, involving the homes and workspaces of her (mostly) female clients. Best known as the Space Doula, she geeks out on sleuthing the root causes of whatever's keeping her clients from living their best life. Her tips and strategies on how to use the energy of a home or workspace to change the patterns that show up in life have been featured in the Simply Spaced Blog, as well as on podcasts including the Brodie Welch Show, Blog Talk Radio, and Hay House Radio. 

For more information and to contact Dorena:⁠


Remember, it's not what you do once in a while that's going to prevent any chronic disease-it's what you do day in and day out.

To Your Health,

Kiran Grewal MD

"My goal is to share my knowledge with the world. I believe in delivering valuable and ethical content that changes the lives of my patients." -Kiran Grewal MD











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