Is Your Past Holding Onto Your Excess Weight?

Have you ever felt that your emotions are holding you back from losing weight? You signed up for the exercise class, you bought supplements and you cleared your pantry of the foods that are not good for you...but the emotions that come with these changes feel so heavy, that you cannot commit. Instead of confronting these emotions, you allow them to be the reason to skip the class, forget to take the supplements and order takeout versus cooking a healthy meal.

I want you to know that you are not alone with these feelings. Many of my patients experience difficult emotions as a part of the weight-loss journey. These emotions can stem from early environmental experiences. They have an impact on your weight, your habits and feelings, right now.

Lack of exercise, genetics and eating unhealthy foods are not the only contributors to your weight gain.

There are critical periods in your lifetime that have influence on your weight. This tends to happen when you are an adolescent, developing your emotional and social awareness about what is an 'ideal body type'. Studies indicate that insecurities, stress and emotional turmoil in one’s social environment can lead to food self-medication and addiction.

Especially so, if you suffered adverse childhood experiences, (or ACEs) which are traumatic or stressful events. They include emotional and physical abuse, emotional and physical neglect and household dysfunctions such as witnessing domestic violence or growing up with family members who have substance disorders.

Perhaps as a child, your parents were too busy with work and did not provide enough food for you to eat. Or maybe you were teased about your weight at school. The memories not only became attached to your brain but also within your body.

The part of your brain that registered situations as a threat was activated often. This took critical time away for developing your brain’s signaling pathways to promote the health of other systems in your body. As a result, your immunity and microbiome became vulnerable to imbalanced function. Evidence suggests negative early environmental experiences and ACEs are strongly related to the development of obesity and other health issues such as inflammation, colitis and diabetes.

Because Functional Medicine seeks to get to the root of your weight and other chronic health issues, it is essential to recognize if you have early environmental experiences affecting you. This goes further than just offering a prescription or other treatment for current symptoms or issues as in a clinical setting. The American Journal of Preventative Medicine has supported the need for physician's to understand ACEs by stating, "The repercussions of trauma may lurk below the surface of the clinical encounter, yet for some patients, trauma history may be a significant factor driving the development of obesity and a barrier to its treatment."

The transformative power of Functional Medicine starts here. As my patient, I discuss your health timeline. Your timeline helps provides clarity over the experiences you had from infancy to where you are now. The detailed questions you answer to form your timeline, pinpoint the years that held the most trauma or difficulty for you.

Negative experiences may have happened years before you began noticing health issues. However, the unresolved emotions attached to them may be getting in the way of your health and weight-loss journey.

The need for your story to be heard and understood is integral to developing a path for your healing. Considering information from your timeline and current health, I can help you sort out the experiences that were formerly threatening.

Providing meaning to how these events are affecting you now, helps you gain a sense of control. We re-frame and prioritize your problems to help you develop a custom plan to resolve your health issues stemming from past experiences. This recognition is the first step to getting over years of self-doubting beliefs.

With the care of a Functional Medicine physician and a personalized health plan, you will feel that your health and your story are taken seriously. You will feel encouraged to become a more active participant on your weight-loss or wellness journey. You can lose the weight, you can regain your health and I can help.

But I also have something you can do right now to get started on your weight loss and healthy eating journey. You see, I know a lot of you are suffering from fatigue and a lack of energy from carrying the extra weight. That is why I developed the Tiredness Elimination Guide.

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Following the recommendations in this guide will help you lose weight and regain your natural energy.

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