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Where do you see yourself and your state of health in five years? Where are you living? Where are you working? What is your energy level like? I want to know the food you are eating, the people you spend your time with, and the thoughts you are thinking.

No doubt, you want your answers to be optimistic. You want to see yourself with mental clarity to stay on top of work schedules, be able to play with your children, vibrant energy to exercise and tackle the demands of daily life.

See, the problem is that our healthcare is focused on sub-specialty care, managing the diseases in their late irreversible stages, instead of the front end of chronic disease. Chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and autoimmune disease are caused by behaviors such as poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, smoking & excessive alcohol use, stress, and lifestyle choices. It is estimated that six in ten adults have a chronic disease in the US! 

How can you create health?

There are 12 major determinants of health defined by the World Health Organization, and it is these determinants that create health. According to WHO, factors such as where we live, the state of our environment, genetics, our income, higher income, and social status are linked to better health. Low levels of education are linked with poor health, chronic stress, fight-or-flight and lower overall self-esteem. Our relationships with friends and family also have considerable impacts on health. Factors such as access and use of health care services often have less of an impact on these issues than commonly thought.

So how do I help patients with chronic diseases using the Functional Medicine lens?

Functional Medicine looks to find the root of chronic disease and how your lifestyle choices might be intensifying your current health. Rather than isolating and treating the symptoms of your disease or health issue, my approach is to look at your health as a complex web of systems that are interconnected. Finding the root cause, which is usually rooted in your lifestyle, I empower my patients to create a change and change the course of where their health is headed.

This model allows me to create wellness and health. I use evidence-based complimentary treatments to help reduce stress, improve sleep quality and quantity, and help my patients make movement a priority in their lives.

I address you as a whole person, including your physical, mental, and emotional health, taking social factors such as relationships into consideration. With the understanding these factors, I combine the best of my clinical background as a family physician with evidence-based complementary treatments. These personalized treatment plans are designed to empower you to take an active role in your own health.


We use the latest technology and science at the Grewal Center for Mind-Body Medicine, including HeartMath, the TheLivingMatrix, and an InBody DEXA scan, to name a few. These tools help me gather and track information about your health guiding me towards your healing path.

My passion for Integrative Medicine is ignited by its ability to improve patient’s health outcomes, create healthier communities, and to reduce the burden of chronic disease on a global level. I know there is a lot of information out there competing for your time and interest. That is why I am devoted to sharing only research-verified information, tips and strategies to help you improve your health.

I encourage you to follow me on Facebook at Kiran Grewal MD and Instagram at grewalcentermd, to explore, learn and become inspired towards making healthy life changes.

If you want different results with your current health, you must try different approaches. If you are ready for a rewarding life change towards better health, Functional Medicine is for you. 

Thank you for listening and I look forward to speaking with you next time as I continue to provide you with information to help you rewrite your health!


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To Your Health,

Kiran Grewal MD



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