Is Your Past Holding Onto Your Excess Weight?

Have you ever felt that your emotions are holding you back from losing weight? You signed up for the exercise class, you bought supplements and you cleared your pantry of the foods that are not good for you...but the emotions that come with these changes feel so heavy, that you cannot commit. Instead of confronting these emotions, you allow them to be the reason to skip the class, forget to take the supplements and order takeout versus cooking a healthy meal.

I want you to know that you are not alone with these feelings. Many of my patients experience difficult emotions as a part of the weight-loss journey. These emotions can stem from early environmental experiences. They have an impact on your weight, your habits and feelings, right now.

Lack of exercise, genetics and eating unhealthy foods are not the only contributors to your weight gain.

There are critical periods in your lifetime that have influence on your weight. This tends to happen when you are an adolescent,...

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Three Ways We Help You Modify Your Genes For Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why losing weight and keeping it off is nearly impossible? Do you struggle with starving yourself or avoiding your favorite foods only to have the scale not budge a bit? Many of my patients come to the Grewal Center for Mind Body Medicine with this struggle.

And you may feel you have tried EVERYTHING. From the Atkins diet to an all vegan diet, from yoga to high intensity interval training, from weighing your food to counting calories...and nothing has stuck!

It can be pretty overwhelming to try to eat a certain way if the people you cook for or eat with are not eating the same as you. And on top of a busy schedule, it can be hard to carve in time for an exercise class or workout. I understand the frustrations you feel and am here to guide you to your solution.

Because you are unique, so are the ways you have to take care of yourself. Not everyone will succeed under one type of diet, exercise routine or health plan.

Our bodies are like a...

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Succeed With Your Goals By Creating Better Habits

Have you ever resolved to eat right, exercise, stay on top of projects and then find that life drives you back to your old routines pretty quickly? As many as 71 percent of Americans made their 2019 New Year's resolutions based on trying to achieve some aspects of these goals in their life. Before February has even begun, many have already quit their goals.

We do things a little differently here at the Grewal Center for Mind body Medicine. We discuss frequently with patients that we don’t want you to just create goals; We want you to create habits. Goals are achieved through a series of actions you decide to take. Your actions form habits throughout each day that either lead you to your goals or keep you from getting there. Knowing how to create or edit your habits towards your goals is the key to your success.

As described in Charles Duhigg’s book, How Habits Work, there is a three-part loop you follow at the base of all of your...

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The Functional Medicine Roadmap

functional medicine Feb 06, 2019

Point A to Point B

How do you get to work every day?


Your alarm goes off.  You resist the temptation to hit snooze.

Maybe you’ve got time for a little exercise.

Jump in the shower.

Wolf down some breakfast.

Throw on some clothes, and you’re out the door for the daily commute.


So far, so good.


Until you hit traffic…

or spill coffee on your clothes…

or the train is late…


Your daily routine is a roadmap. It gets you from point A to point B.  Any glitch in this system can throw you off. Your journey could be delayed, or you might need to change directions altogether.

Your health works the same way. There are routines, habits, and roadblocks in your life that have brought you from point A to point B.

If point B (your current health) is not a place you want to be, you need to examine the roadmap that got you there.

How Functional Medicine Looks at Your Health 

Most of your health care has probably been directed at...

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