How These Small Changes Can Help You Heal

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t handle the day ahead of you?

When it feels like the stress of your personal life or job seem ready to knock you down and you don’t want to get out of bed.

Or the fatigue, brain fog and extra weight you have been carrying make you feel that you do not have the energy it takes to cook another meal, pack another lunch, type another report or sit in traffic yet again.

You may have felt this way so many times that you sought the care of your doctor to help you with these issues. Maybe you were given a prescription to manage symptoms, but you felt like there should be something more. Something you should be doing differently.

You are tired of feeling like this!

You need better health and energy to conquer each day!

How Your Lifestyle Can Make You Sick

Consider the aspects of your lifestyle that impact your health. This ranges from how much sleep you get, how physically active you are, the types of relationships you sustain, the environment...

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The Sneaky Infection That Could Be Affecting Your Mood, Weight & Skin


What does toe fungus, sinusitis and vaginal yeast infections have in common? The answer is candidiasis. While candidiasis is often thought of as a common issue for women, when there is too much of it in your body, it can spread to many places-in women and men.

Candida is a form of fungal yeast whose original function is to help you digest and absorb nutrients from food. Along with other bacteria, candida is naturally present in your mouth, gut and within your reproductive organs and urinary system. But when the amount of candida in your body gets overproduced, it can lead to infections, or what is called, candidiasis. This excessive growth causes negative reactions throughout various areas of your body.

Candidiasis shows up as toe fungus, can be a part of your sinus issues, a cause for eczema, digestive issues, UTI’s, joint pain and can prevent you from losing weight. It can even enter the bloodstream or internal organs like the kidney, heart, or...

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The Easiest Way To Do A Food Fast (While Still Eating!)


Hello! Welcome back! I’m Dr. Grewal, an Integrative Medicine doctor here to provide you with information that will help you rewrite your health. As you may know if you are following me on Instagram and Facebook at KiranGrewalMD, I have been doing a fast this week. Not just any fast, but a fast where you are eating certain foods that are flying under the radar of your brain, as food. It is mimicking a fasting state. I prescribe a fasting mimicking diet in my clinical practice for a number of health issues such as hormonal imbalance, excessive body fat, and elevated C-reactive protein, which is a marker of inflammation. We use Dexa scale to get our patients body fat analysis so that we can measure their journey. I will go over the details of what this is, and how I decide when my patients are ready for this fast in the next few moments. However, I want to share with you right now, if you haven’t done it already, my Tiredness Elimination Diet. Before trying any other type...

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