The Sneaky Infection That Could Be Affecting Your Mood, Weight & Skin


What does toe fungus, sinusitis and vaginal yeast infections have in common? The answer is candidiasis. While candidiasis is often thought of as a common issue for women, when there is too much of it in your body, it can spread to many places-in women and men.

Candida is a form of fungal yeast whose original function is to help you digest and absorb nutrients from food. Along with other bacteria, candida is naturally present in your mouth, gut and within your reproductive organs and urinary system. But when the amount of candida in your body gets overproduced, it can lead to infections, or what is called, candidiasis. This excessive growth causes negative reactions throughout various areas of your body.

Candidiasis shows up as toe fungus, can be a part of your sinus issues, a cause for eczema, digestive issues, UTI’s, joint pain and can prevent you from losing weight. It can even enter the bloodstream or internal organs like the kidney, heart, or...

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Is Your Home Making You Sick?


Did you know, according to the EPA, indoor air pollution may be 100 times higher than outdoor pollution levels? And indoor air pollution has been ranked among the top 5 environmental risks to the public. This is why, as a physician; I seek to get a complete environmental exposure history from my patients.

Vehicle and industry emissions from outside air blend with the byproducts of indoor air pollutants, that can make your home toxic. These are the most common sources for health issues from indoor air pollution:

  • Mold
  • Building Materials & Cleaning Products, Home Repair and Craft products as well as Personal Products
  • Cigarette and E-cigarette Smoke

Mold produces antigens, or a substance that can cause allergic reactions, by either contact or direct inhalation. Common symptoms of indoor mold exposure include non-asthmatic coughing, inflammation, allergies, wheezing, headaches and sneezing. These symptoms can be intensified if you live in an energy-efficient home, where...

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Why Toxins Make Losing Weight Hard

Why Toxins Make Losing Weight Hard

Did you know that chemicals impact your weight? You may be surprised by how many synthetic chemicals in your everyday life increase your chances of gaining and holding onto excess weight!

You might be exercising every day, eating healthier and managing your stress better than ever but you haven’t achieved your desired health and weight-loss results as soon as you hoped. Undermining all of your efforts are chemicals called ‘obesogens.’ Obesogens are environmental toxins that increase your sensitivity to gaining weight and make it harder to get rid of.

These toxins can be found in outdoor and indoor air pollution, foods and drinks, and common products and materials that you use every day. Not only do these toxins target your waistline and general well-being, they also adversely affect your appetite. With their heavy influence on your hormones, you may be susceptible to craving foods that are high in sugar and fats.


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