4 Things You Can Do To Slow Down Aging

Your body is full of cells that are constantly at work to keep you alive and well. In your early years you need those cells to be working as fast as you are growing. Then you hit a point where you recognize that you are maintaining a regular height, shoe size and ideally, weight. This is a good time to start considering your personal mTOR control to make sure you are aging your best. So...what is mTOR?

mTOR is an enzyme in your body that interprets signals from multiple pathways in your body. This includes nutrients like glucose, growth factors such as insulin, hormones such as leptin and stresses from starvation, DNA damage and more to regulate a wide variety of cellular functions. It translates how your cells handle protein turnover, cell growth, cell survival, metabolism, energy balance and stress responses… all of which impact your health and how you age.

mTOR is essential to your growth as a healthy child, HOWEVER...as an adult you need this cell regulator to slow down....

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Do You Need To Spring Clean Your Relationships?

When you approach your spring-cleaning list, the usual items are there. Donate clothes you no longer wear or fit into, wipe the windows, organize the basement and your bathroom shelves, etc. You know this takes time, but you roll up your sleeves, put on some music and get to it. You know how good this makes you feel. Everything will be in its place and smell fresh! And you will go about your days without the frustration or heavy feeling of stagnancy and disorganization.

While you put much effort into spring-cleaning, it is important to take time to examine whether some of your relationships could use some tidying up as well. Spending time with others can be great for your health but it can also affect you negatively if the relationships are toxic.


Your friendships are important to your health. Your physical, mental and overall life satisfaction are affected by your ability, or your inability, to experience successful interpersonal relationships. Your bonds with friends...

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