How These Small Changes Can Help You Heal

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t handle the day ahead of you?

When it feels like the stress of your personal life or job seem ready to knock you down and you don’t want to get out of bed.

Or the fatigue, brain fog and extra weight you have been carrying make you feel that you do not have the energy it takes to cook another meal, pack another lunch, type another report or sit in traffic yet again.

You may have felt this way so many times that you sought the care of your doctor to help you with these issues. Maybe you were given a prescription to manage symptoms, but you felt like there should be something more. Something you should be doing differently.

You are tired of feeling like this!

You need better health and energy to conquer each day!

How Your Lifestyle Can Make You Sick

Consider the aspects of your lifestyle that impact your health. This ranges from how much sleep you get, how physically active you are, the types of relationships you sustain, the environment...

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10 Foods You Should Eat to Boost Your Health

When it comes to health and weight loss, there is no shortage of advice. But what you want is certainty. You may find yourself searching through posts and comments on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, trying to find the perfect diet or foods for you.

There are many conflicting opinions about what it means to eat a healthy, balanced diet. In Functional Nutrition, a “balanced diet” is one that is appropriate for your lifestyle, health concerns, and food preferences. And there is not one specific diet or way of eating that works for everyone. Your food and lifestyle plans should be tailored to you in order to improve your overall health and well-being.

A great start towards boosting your health or weight loss is by learning which foods work best for you. With my Elimination Diet, here, you will feel more certain about any foods that may have been suppressing your energy, weight and health goals.

Once you know what foods work best for your body, you will be able to start...

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The Easiest Way To Do A Food Fast (While Still Eating!)


Hello! Welcome back! I’m Dr. Grewal, an Integrative Medicine doctor here to provide you with information that will help you rewrite your health. As you may know if you are following me on Instagram and Facebook at KiranGrewalMD, I have been doing a fast this week. Not just any fast, but a fast where you are eating certain foods that are flying under the radar of your brain, as food. It is mimicking a fasting state. I prescribe a fasting mimicking diet in my clinical practice for a number of health issues such as hormonal imbalance, excessive body fat, and elevated C-reactive protein, which is a marker of inflammation. We use Dexa scale to get our patients body fat analysis so that we can measure their journey. I will go over the details of what this is, and how I decide when my patients are ready for this fast in the next few moments. However, I want to share with you right now, if you haven’t done it already, my Tiredness Elimination Diet. Before trying any other type...

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A Guide to Your Best Sleep

You have made it through your day, completing chores, making dinner and are settling down for the night. Ideally, candles are lit, your softest PJ’s are on and you’ve got your favorite mug of tea in hand to sip while you cozy up in bed to read. But then, your phone vibrates. A string of messages starts coming through and before you know it, you’ve spent 30 minutes staring at your phone.

Rather than winding down from your day, you may often find yourself prey to the attractions of text messages, emails, Facebook, YouTube and other social media. It is so easy to allow your attention to be drawn into the world within screens. But these LED’s, along with LED TV screens could be causing you sleep and weight issues, depriving you of energy you need to tackle the next day.

How Technology Interferes With Your Sleep & Energy

Your body has an internal timeclock, or circadian rhythm that helps determine your sleep patterns. When naturally aligned with daylight,...

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Why Toxins Make Losing Weight Hard

Why Toxins Make Losing Weight Hard

Did you know that chemicals impact your weight? You may be surprised by how many synthetic chemicals in your everyday life increase your chances of gaining and holding onto excess weight!

You might be exercising every day, eating healthier and managing your stress better than ever but you haven’t achieved your desired health and weight-loss results as soon as you hoped. Undermining all of your efforts are chemicals called ‘obesogens.’ Obesogens are environmental toxins that increase your sensitivity to gaining weight and make it harder to get rid of.

These toxins can be found in outdoor and indoor air pollution, foods and drinks, and common products and materials that you use every day. Not only do these toxins target your waistline and general well-being, they also adversely affect your appetite. With their heavy influence on your hormones, you may be susceptible to craving foods that are high in sugar and fats.


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How Your Hormones Make You Heavy

How Your Hormones Make You Heavy


Spring is upon us and you are wanting more energy and to be further along in your weight-loss goals. You see the summer clothes being advertised and decided that this year, you will wear the tank top or swimsuit with confidence. Despite eating healthy and working out your pant size has not shrunk and the heavy aura of fatigue and tiredness continues to hover over you.

So, what gives?

Your hormones can be the sneaky culprit underlying the fact that your hard work isn't paying off as fast as you hoped. There are plenty of fat-fighting foods and HIIT workouts to burn calories, but did you know that your hormones can be a roadblock to these attempts? Your hormones can either work for you or against you as you attempt to gain energy and lose weight.

Where does this start?

Your endocrine system contains different glands all throughout your body. It acts as the warehouse that employs glands to store and release your hormones in response to...

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Is Your Past Holding Onto Your Excess Weight?

Have you ever felt that your emotions are holding you back from losing weight? You signed up for the exercise class, you bought supplements and you cleared your pantry of the foods that are not good for you...but the emotions that come with these changes feel so heavy, that you cannot commit. Instead of confronting these emotions, you allow them to be the reason to skip the class, forget to take the supplements and order takeout versus cooking a healthy meal.

I want you to know that you are not alone with these feelings. Many of my patients experience difficult emotions as a part of the weight-loss journey. These emotions can stem from early environmental experiences. They have an impact on your weight, your habits and feelings, right now.

Lack of exercise, genetics and eating unhealthy foods are not the only contributors to your weight gain.

There are critical periods in your lifetime that have influence on your weight. This tends to happen when you are an adolescent,...

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Three Ways We Help You Modify Your Genes For Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why losing weight and keeping it off is nearly impossible? Do you struggle with starving yourself or avoiding your favorite foods only to have the scale not budge a bit? Many of my patients come to the Grewal Center for Mind Body Medicine with this struggle.

And you may feel you have tried EVERYTHING. From the Atkins diet to an all vegan diet, from yoga to high intensity interval training, from weighing your food to counting calories...and nothing has stuck!

It can be pretty overwhelming to try to eat a certain way if the people you cook for or eat with are not eating the same as you. And on top of a busy schedule, it can be hard to carve in time for an exercise class or workout. I understand the frustrations you feel and am here to guide you to your solution.

Because you are unique, so are the ways you have to take care of yourself. Not everyone will succeed under one type of diet, exercise routine or health plan.

Our bodies are like a...

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